“Nicki Minaj and Angelic Voices”

I’m pretty sure that if Nicki Minaj decides to feed her silicone devouring friend (bum)…again, the planet perverts tasked with sighting and naming new planets will be forced to conclude, after looking at Nicki, that Jupiter is not the biggest planet out there.  If the aforementioned unfortunate series of events were to take place our new ‘biggest planet’ would be…wait for it…<drrrrum-roll>….’Assuperter’…that’s so wrong…I apologize…really sorry…pffft you know you laughed…or smiled…or got defensive because you’re a fan…if you are…then…get off this site your poor taste in music is not wanted here, begone! Okay, I’m sorry, that was rude…come back…oi! you there with the Anaconda (that song must be the devils lullaby at night) sweater…come back…it’s just that Nicki Minaj highlights everything that’s wrong with the music industry at the moment.

One of these things is the huge amount of effort the music industry puts into its image.  It’s as if those in power in the industry have all been replaced with sexually frustrated human beings who decide that success for an artist hinges on how close they can get to wearing nothing in their music videos and for others how many immoral topics they can cram into one song.  What happened to music being about…music?  The artists you’ll find below will not be played on the radio and their music videos will not be shown on that banal big black box or your flat screen TV.  For me that is a heinous crime.  You’ll immediately know why I believe it’s a crime to glorify artists such as Nicki Minaj over the ones found below once you press play…enjoy.

PS. If for some unknown out-of-this world reason life has done its utmost to steal all your happiness, and your heart has become frozen and you spend HOURS on end in bed wondering if your heart could ever feel anything ever again i.e. if you’re going through PMS…if you’re female…the angelic voices you hear below could, perhaps, possibly, maybe induce an explosion of emotions leading to you sitting in a pool of tears (that was a long sentence hope you understood it, if you did…”congratulations!” you do not have attention deficit disorder…if you have ADD…um…join the club!).

Stevie Scott – Machineheart

Elena Tonra – Daughter

Gabrielle Aplin


On That Note….

If you were to take a quick peek at the mainstream music scene today you’ll go through a range of emotions and reactions linked to whatever stage of life you find yourself in.  If you’re in that stage of your life where you have more wrinkles than an elephant and the Angel of Death whispers to you: “there’s no pain in heaven” after every battle in the toilet with your tummy, one look at the music scene COULD induce a heart attack.  If you’re in that oh so exciting stage of life where 99% of your brain’s activity revolves around a passionate mating scene, and the other 1% around if people can see the volcanic pimple on your forehead, one look at the music scene could cause your genitals to speak to you.  If you’re a young adult, like myself, and take a look at the music scene your train of thought should take you on a journey passed stations called “Disgust”, “Outrage” and “Something Needs to be Done”.

Where oh where did we go wrong huh?  What happened to the days where music held the power to make you smile when nothing else in your life could, to make you feel, when life’s hardships numbed your senses.  Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love” comforted every girl whose Always Ultra Pad fell off during swimming class.  When a TOTALLY RANDOM guy’s girlfriend cheated on him (not me) for weighing less than her and only paying for her meals when it was buy one get one free, Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” was there to console him (not me).

Artists today have become slaves to the industry, chained and forced (they deny it) to release soul killing content that makes a mockery out of our moral code.  Desanctifying Marriage + Desanctifying Lovemaking + Drugs + Violence + Random lyrics about degrading females = Number 1 Hit Single. Sigh…nursery rhymes we recited at pre-school held more lyrical depth than some of the songs playing on the radio at the moment.

This blog will focus around music (from every genre) not held down by the shackles of the industry, music that’s free from all the hidden agendas our mainstream media is trying to tarnish our once pure souls with…music that you can feel.

Raw Emotion, Music and Suicidal Kittens

Raw emotion, it’s one of the most terrifying and equally beautiful ‘things’ the divine one has generously imbued into our everyday lives.  You’ll see it in the eyes of a mother frantically scouring a mass of bodies in a shopping mall for any sight of her lost child; her thought train flashing passed gruesome images relating to kidnappings and child predators.  You’ll see it on the awestruck faces of parents who can’t fathom how that one night of SSE (sweaty steamy ecstasy) could lead to them staring down at a tiny face of pure innocence.  You’ll see it at the airport on a daily basis when people are reunited with members of their “I love you” circle, their faces an abstract painting etched with relief, joy and excitement.   Raw emotion can be found in music too.  However, in today’s mainstream music scene you are probably more likely to find a homeless couple sleeping under your bed on a pile of your missing socks (you know…that adventurous breed of sock…that just decides…hey lets go on an adventure…related to that breed of university/school pen that also goes into Bilbo mode “going on an adventure scene…The Hobbit…I know you know it” I’m pretty sure if I found all the pens I lost in Uni I’d be able to open up an illegal squirrel cage fighting business posing as a stationary store……yah………cough…..got a bit distracted there hey….) So, where were we?…Ah…finding homeless people under your bed and how that’s probably a more common sight than hearing raw-emotion infused music on the radio to day.

Due to the lack of ‘emotive’ music it came as no surprise then that in 2004 when a band by the name of Paramore entered into the music scene, they immediately snuck inside our hearts with their refreshing emotion-filled music.  (They snuck into the pants of EVERY pimple battling male teenager going through puberty as well, mainly due to the ANGELIC beauty of their lead singer Hayley Williams…with her fiery red hair being in many a moist dream…ah…puberty…best and worst times…pimples…the devils fart formed on your face…ready to explode…in all its glory…we curse him till the end of time…all together now…”AMEN”).

I have all their studio albums as well as their live albums.  If Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore) asked me to cut her toe nails for a year for no pay I’d rename myself Django Jnr and ask her to chain me to her feet.  Sorry, that was a tad overboard for some of you hey? I was a H-U-G-E Paramore fan.  WAS.  Past tense.  The tense where all your old clothes, old friends ,old habits and old interests now reside.  We place things there because we outgrow them or start disliking them.  I placed Paramore there because, in my opinion, they started copulating (fancy word for sex) with the industry and then went on to give birth to music that went against everything that gave them the privilege of renting a place in my heart.  For most people Paramore’s latest self-titled album, released in 2013, has catapulted the band head first into the ranks of the zombified industry slaves.

There are so many artists out there today that have followed the same unfortunate path. However, the reason I chose Paramore for this piece is because the artist/band I am going to introduce to you (because I’m such a kind human being) today is so similar in sound to the Paramore of old it’s uncanny.  The band, formed in 2011, goes by the name of Envoi and it’s fronted by Maddie Finn who’s known by many (ok I lie… only myself) to be cuter than a life sized kitten with big teary moony eyes begging for milk even though it knows its lactose intolerant (what’s cuter than a suicidal kitten hey?).  However, when she starts singing she transforms into a ferocious tiger with her voice roaring through the airwaves.

Photographer...I wish I knew who you were so I could credit you for this awesome band snapshot.

Photographer…I wish I knew who you were so I could credit you for this awesome band snapshot. Maddie Finn – Vocals David Tirpak – Lead Guitar Steve Perrino – Rhythm Guitar Jimmy Gula – Drums Joe Botta – Bass

She has a voice that can keep a teenagers trembling hand away from a razor and their wrist.  A voice that people can turn to instead of going to a stranger, who puts their feelings and thoughts into a box and labels it “depression”, telling them they should take mind numbing pills.  A voice that makes you feel what this world has done so hard to take away from us…the feeling of humanity.  Sometimes we hear songs but we don’t really LISTEN to them because they are mere foot tappers or head bobbers.  The song you’ll find below, aptly titled Ghost, revolves around a child who grew up without their father due to him abandoning the family.  If you’re female and in pms (psycho-monster-sadist) mode the song COULD induce a rapid flow of eye-wee (also referred to as tears by…everyone) due to the hard hitting lyrics of the chorus and the way the band unleashes it on your ear drums through impeccable work behind each instrument.  The chorus:

If you could see me now 

I would take back all the things that you never said to me 

And how I tried to make you love me 

 But how can you love a ghost, love a ghost of what was meant to be

You’ll never know,
 how much I loathe you

What sets Envoi apart from songs on the radio is the message this article I wrote is trying to convey to you.  Every song is enveloped and delivered with heartfelt sincerity…accompanied by that terrifying and equally beautiful thing we know as RAW EMOTION.  Listen and enjoy…Envoi.

Ps.  Listen to Paramore’s Brand New Eyes album.  Ear porn, I kid you not.  Best pop-punk album of all time…next to Blink 182’s self-titled.

Ps 2. The gorgeous cover picture only came in to existence due to the insane photography skills belonging to Lexie Alley.  http://www.lexiealley.com/  http://instagram.com/lexiealley http://lexienalley.tumblr.com/

http://envoiofficial.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/EnvoiOfficial?fref=ts http://www.soundcloud.com/envoiofficial http://www.twitter.com/Envoi_official

The Cure for a Lack of Motivation

As the year hurtles towards its conclusion many of us find ourselves running out of steam.  We become emotionally drained and physically lethargic.  Getting out of bed in the morning seems to be the most difficult activity to complete.  This could be down to the blanket suddenly weighing a ton more than when you started off the year, all beady-eyed and kitted out with your new year resolutions.  For every individual motivation is of utmost importance, it allows us to chase our dreams with vigor and a sense of urgency, without it we become less efficient and less effective in EVERYTHING we do.  People who suffer from a lack of motivation sell themselves short when it comes to what they could have achieved in this life if they, through motivation, tapped into their full potential.  Instead, they settle for mediocre, they whisper to themselves, “it’s okay to be average, my dreams and goals were unrealistic anyway, no point in wasting my time on the impossible”.

So, how do you get your motivation, your drive to be the best you can be at everything you do, and your thirst for success back?  The answer is simple: find your “Why”.  Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Why do you lift up that heavy blanket every morning? Maybe you’re doing it to make your parents, or a loved one proud, maybe you’re doing it because you made a promise to someone else, or maybe you’re doing it to make sure your future is filled with contentment and a sense of satisfaction, born out of the fact that you have achieved what you set out to achieve.  We all come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and different personal circumstances.  Having a reason for what we do in this life is one thing we should all have in common.  FIND YOUR “WHY”.

Take leave from work and seclude yourself in your happy place (if your happy place is at the end of a beer bottle…um…find a new happy place?) and have a serious conversation with yourself about where you are in life, and why you are there.   Remember our time on this planet is limited, don’t waste that time convincing yourself that mediocre is all you can be, discipline your thoughts and make a declaration to yourself that you’re going to live your life with PASSION!  Find your personal reason and let it rekindle the fire that was burning so brightly inside of you at the beginning of the year!

PS.  The artists found below have created music perfect for that personal conversation with yourself, put your headphones on and have that 1-on-1!

Happiness, Inner Voice, and Music…

We all want happiness, and companies are aware of this.  On some occasions we display the same mental aptitude as that cauliflower-styled-onesie wearing creature (sheep), and we allow ourselves to be herded into buying products from companies that promise our happiness is their number one priority.  On a daily basis they bombard our senses with advertisements featuring perfectly faked smiles from actors and actresses who appear happy due to various reasons.  According to these adverts happiness is: taking a shower using an always ‘new and improved’ shampoo (always containing some ‘new’ herb extract) that transforms your entire bathroom into a beautiful jungle, or buying toilet paper they say is as soft as a puppy (as if you’re going to cuddle up with a few rolls before releasing your intestinal demons).

We all have that inner voice that bluntly tells us how we truly feel with regards to anything taking place in our lives.  Unfortunately, through many years of continuous brainwashing these companies have silenced this inner voice, thus giving them the power to dictate to us what our happiness should be based on, which is material purchases.  In the same way drugs provide a brief moment of happiness to addicts, these material purchases only hold the power to provide happiness for a brief moment.

Music and happiness have a special relationship, because nobody can tell you what to feel when you’re listening to it; it’s as if it speaks directly to that neglected inner voice.  The artists found below have a knack of conjuring up songs that make me feel happy (I hope they do the same for you), and even though it’s brief…I know that it’s true happiness…because my inner voice never lies.  (If it does then…my whole life’s a lie…which is a pretty scary thought, one which I will not dwell upon because I like my life…and, more importantly, it would mean that when my inner voice told me it’s time to put down my Pantene-silky-smooth fur covered cat…I listened and if it lies…then…sniff…tear…wipe…softest fur…ever).

“Sometimes Quiet is Violent”

Overthinking.  We all do it from time to time.  Like surgeons we dissect certain moments in time trying to find explanations, meanings, value, and on some occasions a sense of purpose from them.  Overthinking is a cruel serpent.  When it silently slithers into your mind and lays its’ eggs of doubt, fear, hopelessness and negativity it will start stealing everything your heart tries so hard to protect.  Your ambitions, your motivation for life, your self-confidence, and your desire to improve.  Suddenly, those nuances of life that gave you the most joy become mundane activities, done only out of habit.  When you’re in the presence of others; you’re there…but not really…you’re in your head, with your thoughts.

There’s no hiding for me

I’m forced to deal with what I feel

There is no distraction to mask what is real

I could pull the steering wheel

The song I chose for this post, “Car Radio” by the band Twenty One Pilots, tells the story of someone who had his car radio stolen.  For some, this might seem as something petty but to someone who overthinks there is nothing worse in the world than silence.  Like an evil temptress, silence entices his mind to start the dangerously unpredictable thought process.  The thing that makes thought processes more dangerous than Julias Malema with a brain is that they take you on a journey without telling you the destination.  You never know where your mind is headed: Depression? Relief? Happiness?… Suicide?

I find over the course of our human existence

One thing consists of consistence

And it’s that we’re all battling fear

Josh Dun (Left) , Tyler Joseph

Josh Dun (Left) , Tyler Joseph

Oh dear, I don’t know if we know why we’re here

Faith is to be awake

And to be awake is for us to think

And for us to think is to be alive

The thought process the character in the song goes through makes him question life itself, he also comes to the realization that we all go through life fighting our fears.  He informs the listener that thinking is something we all do; it’s what makes us human, only through thinking can we exercise our God given power of choice.  Just…don’t get trapped in the thoughts.  Once you’re trapped in your thoughts you lose what you cannot regain: time.  When you’re overthinking, your thoughts conjure up random scenarios.  “What if I…?”  “Why didn’t I…?” How cruel is it that all these scenarios in our head take place in the past or the future but as they play out they steal the only thing that really matters in life, the present moment?

Towards the end of the song the vocalist, Tyler Joseph, screams “and now I just sit in silence”, the fact that he’s screaming when referring to silence symbolizes how loud his thoughts become when he has no distraction.  No car radio…